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Welcome to the Whiteside Alumni corner.  We'd like to hear from any former student, faculty member or administrator to help us fill this page with memories.  If you have any Whiteside stories, recollections, photos, or other relevant information to share, please contact Peggy Burke.   If you have a personal webpage please include the site address and feel free to link your home page to ours.

As you can see below, we have a few old class photos to share with you -- and we'd love to have more!  We, of course realize that many photos may have become discolored or damaged over the years.  However, we've had a fair amount of success with digital restoration (click here to see), so please don't let your photo's condition discourage you from sharing it with us -- we may be able to help!

Our alumni are a reflection of who we are...so please let us hear from you.

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class1908mini.jpg (13944 bytes) Whiteside School circa 1908.  Pictured here are teacher Daisy Whiteside and her 40 pupils, in the earliest known Whiteside class photo.  Handwritten notes on the back indicate that 3 of the students were Ed, Ray, and Margaret McCoy (someone even added small arrows apparently to identify the students).  Another annotation says "Aunt Daisy" so perhaps the children were her niece and nephews.  Click on the photo to get a glimpse of Whiteside from more than 90 years ago!
unknownmini.jpg (18582 bytes) Undated Class Photo.  We don't know how old this photo is, but from a note on the back we do know that Daisy Whiteside is the teacher and her sisters, Olive and Dorothy, are among the students.  The inscription also identifies three other students.  Click the photo for a better look at the image and the inscription.
class1931mini.jpg (15990 bytes) A Trip Down Memory Lane - 1931.  Did you know that in 1931 Whiteside was still essentially a one-room schoolhouse -- and that electricity had only been installed a year earlier?!  Are you curious about what it was like to attend classes back then?  What did the students eat for lunch?  What kind of games did they play?  Who kept the school clean?   Click the photo to learn the answers and to read the recollections of a former student.
EarlyClassmini.jpg (16776 bytes) 1932 Whiteside Class.  Here's a picture taken approximately one year after the photo above.  If you have a sharp eye, you may be able to pick out the children who appear in both photos.  A Whiteside alum helped us place names on most of the children.  Click on the photo to meet them.

Note: This image sustained a fair amount of damage over the years.  Click here to see how we restored it. 


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Little Oak Farm.  Have you ever noticed the octagonal barn on the east side of North Greenmount Road (south of B Street)?  Do you remember a time when North Greenmount Road was known as Little Oak Lane?  If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, click on the barn to learn about life on a farm in the early 1900s near Whiteside School.