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The rules for this game were obtained from the Pioneer Sholes School website in St. Charles, Illinois.

"One needs a building over which a "soft" ball (not a softball) can easily be thrown and sufficient space on either side to make good playing territory. Any number may play. Choose two teams and place one team on each side of the building.

A player starts the game by throwing the ball over the building, shouting, "Andy, Andy, over!"  The team on the opposite side tries to catch the ball. If anyone does, all run around to the opposite side of the building.  The one with the ball tries to tag as many of the other players as possible, but all on the other team try to escape to the other side of the building without being hit with the ball. Those who are caught become players for the side catching them.

If the ball is not caught, the side missing it must return it across the building, calling out, "Andy, Andy, over!" as the signal to the other side. The ball must be caught on the fly and not on a rebound.

The game ends when one team has captured all the members of the opposing team."

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