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Cahokia Mounds Plaza Area

The plaza area is a large ceremonial precinct that covered approximately two hundred acres of land. It was surrounded by a wooden stockade.   Portions of the area had also been used as borrow pits, areas where dirt was taken from, to create mounds.  Later, these pits were filled and the wide area of the plaza was leveled.  Located in this area are the Twin Mounds, a pair of mounds located at the southern end.  Fox Mound, one of the Twin Mounds, is a platform mound nearly forty-five feet high.  Roundtop Mound is a forty-foot mound with a one hundred foot base.  Some believe these mounds were used as a morgue at one time.  Fox Mound being the place of a charnel house where bodies of Cahokia’s important people were prepared for burial in Roundtop Mound. Other mounds located in the plaza area included several ridgetop, platform, and conical mounds. 

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