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Monks Mound was started about 950A.D. and it took 300 years to build.  It is the largest prehistoric mound north of Mexico.  Its base covers an area of over 14 acres.  The mound was built as a platform for the chief's house.   The height is 100 feet and the volume is approximately 22 million cubic feet of earth.  The indians did not name this extremely large mound.  Monks built a large monastery near the mound in the early 1800s, thereafter is was referred to as Monks Mound by the local people.

Monks Mound was never used as a burial mound but it has been excavated.  There hasn't been many artifacts found by they did find a few pieces of pottery, charcoal, and other debris.  The most interesting discovery is the birdman tablet.  The birdman tablet is the official symbol and was found during excavations in 1971.

We can also see that they used different types of soil to insure stability and drainage.

Monks Mound today is being excavated to find artifacts.   There has also been a great deal of erosion along the edges.  Both the Eastern and Western slopes have slumped and shifted.  However, Archeologists say that Monks Mound still looks much the same as it did over 800 years ago.

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